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  1. Gwendal

    New mixed species

    Hi all, I write to explain my case. Can you ID the species¿? First i bought a pair, here is the male. And here is the female. I got the fry, but the male died and the fry too. Then I decided to mix the female in my big tank, where I have other Apistos. And I saw that my male of A...
  2. Gwendal

    SPAIN: someone knows who can send here¿?

    Hi all, The question is that, i see a lot of Apisto, nice and wild over internet, but here in Spain is very difficult to found them. I´m searching for someone, web, shops... Thanks for your info. 1 saludo
  3. Gwendal

    Hi all! from Spain

    Hi all people. I´m from Spain. I hope to read a lot in this forum. Like all i love Apistogrammas and other Dwarf Cichlids! 1 saludo