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    SOS to any Mexican Members

    A young family friend is desperately ill in hospital in Mexico. If you know anyone who lives there, please forward the link below. He urgently needs O neg. blood. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/8440518.stm Thank you so much and I apologise for using the forum in this way, Michelle.
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    Photos of my Krib Fry

    Moving on from the photos I have posted in 'Breeding kribs' post, this is of fry at 30 days old. And this is them at 45 days old Hope you like them. Michelle
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    Trouble posting images.

    Hi there, I have managed to upload a couple of photos, but when I tried it again, was unable to show the photo. Only a line appeared which you have to click on to view. Can someone let me know what I am doing different cause it beats me. Cheers, Michelle
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    Krib breeding

    Two days after introducing a male to my female they spawned. Now I have approximately 120 four week old fry. I recently separated about 50 into a 120 litre tank where they seem to be doing fine and left the rest with the parents in the 72 litre tank. The female has coloured up again in the...
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    Callumanus (worms)

    Hi there, Quite new to the forum, but have a problem with my tanks. I have an outbreak of callumanus (worms) with my german blue ram. I have treated the tank and also the tank that he came from (my rio 125) with flubendazole. This is my second outbreak in 6 weeks, losing 8 fish last...