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  1. Microman

    List of A-numbers with current scientific name

    Im not jealous, Are you Mike? :mad:...
  2. Microman

    A. Huascar info?

    Yes Tom and I collected A.cf. huascar in the Rio Tapiche drainage in 2009 and also in the Rio Gálvez drainage, near Angamos on the Peru/Brazil border, in 2010. These areas are well outside, and on the opposite side of the Amazon, to the area of distribution named by Dr..Romer in his description...
  3. Microman

    Apistogramma alacrina.

    Looking very nice already Tom... Do the females display the black anal blotch of the Rio Orteguaza (Department of Caquetá) specimens? I think Dr. Kullander has done a similar sort of thing with the description of A.alacrina that he did with that of A. cruzi.
  4. Microman

    Apistogramma alacrina.

    I have kept many different forms of A.cf.alacrina or A.sp."Rotpunct" over the years but recently l I was kindly given a pair of the paratype form of A.alacrina from the Rio Ortegueza, Colombia (Tom can you kindly spell this correctly for me as I cannot find our recent correspondence) with the...
  5. Microman

    New name for old friend: A. unipectomaculata

    The species we know as Staecks Viejita II (A.sp.Rotflecken) and Viejita III (A.sp.Schwarzkehl) are not mentioned in the revision... When you see the geographical distribution for Apistogramma unipectomaculata it doesnt include that of Rotflecken and Schwarzkehl so they have most likely separated...
  6. Microman

    New name for old friend: A. unipectomaculata

    I received a copy of the paper at the weekend Roland...
  7. Microman

    Apistogramma cf. cacatuoides (Rio Acre)

    I thought about A. sp. aff. cacatuoides "Aquiry". The Rio Acre is called Rio Aquiry by those Peruvian locals who use the the Iñapari language, a critically endangered indigenous language spoken by very few people now in Perú. Its a cracking looking Cac Tom... Your pictures always seem to...
  8. Microman

    Apistogramma sp. Amapa

  9. Microman


    Absolutely amazing Tom... And you found your C. vilmae too. Well done... Those yellow A.sp.Kelleri females seem to have a breastband much like A.barlowi. Could it be the intermediate form between the two species? Mark...
  10. Microman

    Apistogramma sp "Breitbinden"

    I think its A.piaroa... The first few spines can also be higher on A.piaroa. In my opinion the dorsal spines on the above fish are too serrated and not as uniform as those of A.megaptera. See A.megaptera i got for Tom at http://apisto.sites.no/fish.aspx?fishIndexID=2370&gruppeID=1
  11. Microman

    Our new fish house addition.

    Wow that was sharp ;)... Toms use of English is becoming far too good for my liking Mike. Enjoy yourself Tom... I hope the _ _ _ _ are shining upon you and you find something nice on your travels :)
  12. Microman

    bought as sp yawasyacu

    Most likely Yahuasyacu... theres a Rio Yahuasyacu north-west of Pebas. Its where the fish in the cichlid news link originates, which is the red form of A.barlowi . Youre fish looks like A.sp.Pebas.
  13. Microman


    At least youre not being called "God" Mike...
  14. Microman

    Our new fish house addition.

    Hey Mike... I hope Tom sees this quote from Andrew. The thought of him being a deity will make him cringe. I think we should now carry this celestial being through the jungle next year... Oh Yes... Its brilliant ammunition this...
  15. Microman

    Apistogramma sp. Xingu

    Will see what I can do Andrew...
  16. Microman

    Apistogramma sp. Xingu

    It doesnt surprise me at all Andrew... A.sp. Xingu has a reputation for aggressive behaviour. If no leaf litter is supplied and the tank on the smallish side then this can be the result, even if both sexes are present. Mark...
  17. Microman

    Apistogramma velifera...

    Thats exactly what I was thinking Mike. Be interesting to see what the offspring look like, my bet is all males with round caudal. Mark...
  18. Microman

    Apistogramma velifera...

    A new Apisto in my fish room, Wild Apistogramma cf. velifera... This fish differs from the norm due to an extended lobe in the upper caudal, very much like Dicrossus gladicauda. There is no sign of a bottom lobe developing despite the fish being fully mature. First time i have seen A. velifera...
  19. Microman

    A. sp. "Miuá"

    No Roland, Look at Koslowski pic in Datz(Upper Image), see the Copper colour between lateral band and abdominal band. This i have always seen on A.sp.Miua. See pic on Toms site to see the population with copper colouration that i had back in 2008. Mike, I understand that both Your...
  20. Microman

    A. sp. "Miuá"

    Looking at Roland and Mikes pictures and i see no copper colouration below the lateral band. I thought this was diagnostic for A.sp."Miua or is it not visible on all populations. Mark...