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    Howdy from Florida

    Awesome, I am glad you still like apistos. Your fish looks beautiful, hopefully you can post additional pictures.
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    What have I got?

    Beautiful fish
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    Pencil fish ID

    Thanks, I want pencil fish but something less common.
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    Pencil fish ID

    Thanks for any help.
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    Pencil fish ID

    Hello I need help identifying this pencil fish I came across my local fish store. Any help will be appreciated. I want to make sure I don't buy any Beckford's, thanks. Pencil.
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    Apistogramma sp. Abacaxis (Wilhelmi)

    Great looking fish, what is your PH?
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    Apistogramma abacaxis

    Thanks Mike! ButtNekkid what PH did you had? I will post pictures of the tank I am building for them.
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    N. America Apisto. norberti

    Where are you located?
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    Apistogramma abacaxis

    Hello, I am currently in the process of getting a pair of Apistogramma abacaxis and I am building a tank for them. Are these fish from clear or black water? I will be using roots, tree branches, catappa leaves, banana leaves, pods, fine gravel, some live plants and rocks. I currently use RO...
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    Looking for Apistogramma Eunotus

    I purchased a pair from Apisto Dave earlier this year but I lost my female and I think he doesn't have anymore, you can email him.
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    A. atahualpa

    Please post pictures, I missed the opportunity to buy a pair of these.
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    Looking for a female apistogramma personata

    Hello Just as the thread states, I am looking for 1 or 2 female apistogramma personata. Message me if you have one for sale. Regards
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    Pure Fish Works ?

    Great experience with Purefishworks. The fish arrived the same day via air in great condition and we'll packed.
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    DIY Apistogramma foods?

    I don't intent to steal this thread but how do you maintain Grinsal worms and are blood worms consider high in fat as well? Thank you
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    1.60m South American biotope

    Amazing tank! What are the water parameters and what light and plants are you using? Regards
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    Apistogramma d47 tank

    Very nice tank! What lights are you using? Thanks
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    Recommendations for sand?

    You could get Pool Sand at Leslie's Pool or any local pool supplies stores