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  1. Hellfishguy

    Community tank breeding.

    I've somehow manages to raise up a good number of Apistogramma ortegai in a community tank containing cardinals, gold laser cories etc. The parents did an exemplary job keeping the other fish at bay. It IS possible, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  2. Hellfishguy

    Apistogramma ortegai

    Presenting my new pair of Apistogramma ortegai, helping make quarantine tolerable - is there anything apistos can't do?hing apist
  3. Hellfishguy

    Cacatuoides or cf. cacatuoides?

    I purchased these fish as Apistogramma cacatuoides Rio Nanay. Are they true cacs or a closely related form? Dig the blue lips on the male!
  4. Hellfishguy

    Combining fry

    I have newly free-swimming Anomalochromis thomasi fry in a community tank & Laetacara araguaiae young of about the same age in a species tank along with their parents. If I introduce some of the thomasi babies into the Laetacara tank, would they be accepted by the adults or be rejected?
  5. Hellfishguy

    Cruzi female?

    I've been trying to i.d. this fish for quite some time. Can it possibly be a cruzi Melgar?
  6. Hellfishguy

    Buying wild female cacatuoides

    Have a male F0 Apistogramma cacatuoides - could use a female or two. Located in Brooklyn, NY
  7. Hellfishguy

    Pelvicachromis silviae spawn

    My P. silviae finally presented me with a spawn after 8 months of waiting for them to get down to business. A very beautiful species, I'm really enjoying keeping them.
  8. Hellfishguy

    Agassizii or Tefe'?

    Picked up a pair of these at an LFS a few weeks back. They were very small when I first purchased them & I assumed that they were agassizii, but lately the male has started to look Tefe'-ish to me.
  9. Hellfishguy

    Buying Congochromis dimidiatus in NYC

    I recently acquired 6 C. dimidiatus juvies; all turned out to be female. If any one can spare one or two males I'd be happy to take them off your hands. I'm located in Brooklyn, NY.
  10. Hellfishguy

    Fry doing somersaults.

    I've noticed that after feeding my Dicrossus maculatus fry BBS one or two of them start swimming erratically in circles, eventually settling on the bottom & breathing heavily. I assume they eventually recover since I've never seen a corpse. I've had this experience with very small anabantoid fry...
  11. Hellfishguy

    Female sp. Steel Blue & fry

    I know they're supposedly hybrids, but I have Neanderthal DNA; I guess that makes me a hybrid too.
  12. Hellfishguy

    Early Christmas gift!

    Woke up on 12/15 to find my female Dicrossus maculatus guarding her first spawn on top of an Anubias leaf. The eggs hatched out on 12/18. Since then she's been moving the larvae to various Anubias leaves, but today she placed them on an oak leaf right near the front glass. Been looking forward...
  13. Hellfishguy

    Agassizii "Flamenco?

    Picked up some juvies at an LFS. They were only labelled "agassizi" (which usually means sp. Steel Blue) & they grew into these beauties. Are they the Flamenco/RioTigre morph?
  14. Hellfishguy

    Buying Dicrossus maculatus females.

    I can use 2 or 3 D. maculatus females, but don't want to get killed on the shipping. I'm located in N.Y.C.
  15. Hellfishguy

    Hello from Brooklyn!

    Hi, my name is Scott & I've been a fishkeeper for many years. I had one community tank & a 5.5 gallon quarantine tank & was content with that until a pair of Laetacara curviceps spawned in my quarantine tank a day after they were introduced. Since then I've kept & bred various South American &...