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    Borellii with a new lesion

    Hi all! My male Borellii has a lesion near is head, maybe 2 mm. It is like a pimple or a small lump beige lump. He eats and swim as usual. He lives with 2 females in good health and 6 Emperor tetras in a 120 cm tank highly planted tank. Very low population of fish. I am worried because all my...
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    Sand size and type

    Hi all! I bought a 120x40x30 cm tank to improve my Apisto maintenance. I have few questions for you. 1. Is a silica/quartz sand of 0.4-0.5 mm (pool filter sand)? 2. Is it better if I chose a natural sand, but bigger size (1-2mm)? 3. Is the color of the sand matter for the fish? I currently...
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    Filter or no filter

    Hi all! I am new in this forum. Please excuse my bad english (I speak French) I plan to start a bigger tank (currently 33G — 50 to 60G next) for my Apistogramma borellii (2F, 1M). It will be a community tank, but I don’t like to have many fish. I will probably keep Apistogramma (this trio) and...