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Recent content by Tom C

  1. Tom C

    A. atahualpa

    Haha, you're right Frank. I completely forgot about these...:eek:
  2. Tom C

    A. atahualpa

    The A 176 is very similar to A. atahualpa, but it shows prominent cross stripes in the caudal fin. This form was imported into the USA by J. Melgar in 2001. I have never seen it.
  3. Tom C

    water parameters for resticulosa-complex?

    Some well-boiled egg yolk dissolved in a little water might also help them survive the very first days.
  4. Tom C

    water parameters for resticulosa-complex?

  5. Tom C

    New Apistogramma described

    They changed the address, so now you may go directly to the PDF - file here: https://www.senckenberg.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/05_vertebrate_zoology_69_1_2019_Staeck-Schindler.pdf
  6. Tom C

    Mike: your email is full again "User account is overquota"

    Mike: your email is full again "User account is overquota"
  7. Tom C

    New collecting reports

    Here you may have a look at the most recent list of species, lineages and groups I agree with you; the "Matses" are very beautiful! (although fairly aggressive!)
  8. Tom C

    New collecting reports

    Kiitos palautteesta! Ilo että pidit siitä! (No, unfortunately I do not speak Finnish. But I like "translate.google.com" :)) Hehe, yes, there are "a few" creatures, who love to eat parts of us, out there. :) I probably had the same kind of infestation in 2010, as in 2011: In 2010, apart from...
  9. Tom C

    New collecting reports

    For those who like to read collecting reports: I have recently published two new reports at my site. A while ago I published a report from an expedition in 2014: Collecting in Leticia, Colombia, 2014 Today I have published a report from an expedition in 2011: Collecting in the Río Gálvez...
  10. Tom C

    Male or Female sp. D39???

    I'm sorry, but I don't see any females ... I've never seen a caudal fin with rows of spots, or with extended tips, in any female A. sp. "D39". This is a female in one of my tanks:
  11. Tom C

    Idenification update

    It would have been a dull world if we all liked the same thing! I like the D-numbers ( I invented them :) ). It would be difficult to find good names for all of the D1 to D56 which described unique traits or patterns; Not all species/forms have a unique gill spot! And it is important not to...
  12. Tom C

    Idenification update

    No, it has not been scientifically described yet. But we have got this beautiful article about them: A Colombian Beauty – Apistogramma sp. ‘Kiemenfleck/Gill-spot’ As similar specimens as the A. sp. "D37" now has been found in three different locations, I think we all would welcome a DNA...
  13. Tom C

    Hello, I'm very interested in the Apistgramma you collected near the Jirijirimo waterfalls in...

    Hello, I'm very interested in the Apistgramma you collected near the Jirijirimo waterfalls in 2017. May I ask if you still have them, and if so, if it might be possible for me to buy a few ?
  14. Tom C

    New Apistograma set up advise please

    If you really want an Apistogramma setup: - Apistogramma belong to the tribe Geophagini, which means that they "eat earth". This is a very frequent and natural behavior, they will normally sift the substrate almost all day long, in search for food. I strongly believe that most Apistogramma...
  15. Tom C

    Hello from the Netherlands - Apeldoorn

    While most Nannostomus usually take none, or very few fry, Nannostomus beckfordi is the only species of the genus known to actively hunt for other species' fry. Moenkhausia pittieri will for sure hunt for fry. Paracheirodon axelrodi - Cardinal tetra, could be considered as a specialist on...