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Recent content by ron1njdds

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    Transporting a new aquarium

    Anyone know if a 75 gallon tank will fit in a mid-size 4 door sedan like a Chevy Malibu? I'd like to buy an new tank and I'm hoping I don't have to rent a pickup to do it.
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    Adding a second female apisto

    I have a 20L established tank with 1M & 1F apisto plus some dithers. They have been together since they were juveniles and behave more like brother and sister than a couple. I'd like to introduce a second female but the fish that are sold are always juveniles and considerably smaller than the...
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    I'm sure everyone experiences this but

    You're looking at your fish and can't find one..after a thorough search you finally give up. Assuming it died, what do you do? Nothing..just let it decompose and hope your biofilter can keep up (we are talking about a small dither fish in a 20L tannin biotope tank with 85 gallons of filtration...
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    I have one couple of apistos (triple red cockatoos) in a 20L which has driftwood, rocks, leaf litter and 3 caves. I have a couple of guppies as dither fish and to provide the occasional live food they like. The problem is, this female apisto who does not have eggs or fry to defend has claimed...
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    Feeding question

    Every time I go near the tank my apisto couple meet me at the glass, stare at me and head for the top expecting food. I love the interaction and wonder if this is typical behavior. They can't be hungry all the time , can they? What do you do?
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    Apistos with Indian dwarf pea puffer

    At this point the young couple shows no interest in mating and I don't know if that will change but there are plenty of hiding places the puffer could find refuge in so I'm not that concerned about it. Just don't want my apistos beautiful fins nipped. The other option I'd consider is to simply...
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    Apistos with Indian dwarf pea puffer

    Thinking of getting a single Indian pea puffer in my 20L tank, now inhabited by a pair of apistogramma and 2 guppies. There is a large piece of driftwood and 3 caves in addition to several Java ferns, other wood, cholla and leaf litter. I don't know if pea puffers are fast enough to nip and...