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Recent content by Norman Fenske

  1. Norman Fenske

    Breeding Rack

    I agree with Mike in theory one filter to control multiple tanks is great however the problem what if you get a disease, parasite etc.? The problem will not be just with the one tank but will spread to all. As far as raising my way may not be ideal and it require lots of water changes along with...
  2. Norman Fenske


    Lets try again. I have an extra m golden cacatouide I put him in a separate tank hoping to get another female from the lfs. While I was waiting I also have a pr of double reds with fry as the fry got bigger the m double red died. Did not want to take the chance that the f double red would eat...
  3. Norman Fenske


  4. Norman Fenske

    Looking for a book on Apisto's

    I read it was the best but considering its in German and Unavailable and the Cichlid Atlas vol.1 the cost its not for me are there others in a more reasonable price range?
  5. Norman Fenske

    Looking for a book on Apisto's

    Instead of asking lots of questions I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good book on Apitso's? Hopefully it would be one that goes over water parameters, temp. different types, compatibility etc. Thanks
  6. Norman Fenske

    Heater repair??

    I figured as much and really considering the cost its not worth it.
  7. Norman Fenske

    Heater repair??

    I bought a 200w submersible heater for one of my tanks out of the box the glass was broken on the very bottom approx. 1/2" piece plus a crack approx. 2 to 3" long. The heater has never been plugged in. I know you can buy heaters cheap approx. 7.00 each for a 200w. Is there anyway that this can...
  8. Norman Fenske

    D-I-Y Jar Filter

    For a quick job of cleaning the water ex. you just set up the tank and it is cloudy from the gravel sand etc. this works really well and its fast. I use a maxijet 400 power head the input fits perfectly on most 16oz or larger plastic bottles like for drinking water soda etc. I cut the bottom off...
  9. Norman Fenske

    Apisto grouping when not breeding

    From what I have read you really need to make sure there is no clear line of sight in the tank meaning lots of leaves ( Catappa or others like Oak ) this will give the apisto's a place to hide adding drift wood will also help you really need to try a recreate the environment from where they...
  10. Norman Fenske

    Reference thermometer...anyone use one?

    Never thought much about that but thinking about it the closer the thermometer is to the heater the higher the temp the farther away the cooler the reading. Whether its right or wrong I try on some of the tanks to bury the heater on the bottom my thoughts are that I may get a more even reading...
  11. Norman Fenske

    More Fry!!

    My Orange Flash young doing great not able to sell yet but I would expect fairly soon they should start showing some color. I have Double Reds with fry they are tiny I would compare them size wise to the grains of pool sand. I did have a pqair of Triple Reds that had fry but there were some...
  12. Norman Fenske

    How fragile are apistos?

    another key in keeping apisto's is water quality has to be on the soft side ( found that out the hard way )
  13. Norman Fenske

    Apisto grouping when not breeding

    If your referring to Rams the male is going to have a longer Dorsal fin then the female plus his body will be more robust and have more color. This also depends on the size when they are young there is still differences but its not as easy. As Mike put it with the fish you have the odds of...
  14. Norman Fenske

    Need explanation please?

    Ok I understand but the way my system is set up it goes sed, carbon. RO membrane and 2 DI.if I understand correctly for now I might as well use it but once its used up unless I reroute and have the DI first I would be better off not using it or finding another type of filter to replace it with...