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Norman Fenske

I had my first Aquarium when I was 4 and now I am 57. Have had many different types of fish over the years for the most part community fish nothing fancy. About 15 yrs ago I got hooked on L. Tang. Cichlids and after a period of time I got interested in L. Malawi Cichlids namely peacocks and mbuna ( still have several tanks with these ) Less then a year ago went to a LFS and saw my first pair of Apisto's went ahead and got them and not knowing anything about them they died. Well anyway the bug to learn more continued now I am set up for raising them it may not be the preferred method but I have been offered advice from some breeders. By the end of the month I will have 10 different pairs. Currently 2 prs of triple reds, 1 pr of Orange Flash w/ fry, 5 Golden Cacatuoides still young, 1pr of trifasciata's, 1pr of Veijita the F laid eggs but I was moving them to a better tank and did not realize it till after the fact when I cleaned the tank out. I will be getting a pr of RioNegro Breitbinden, Personata, Curutu, and a pr of Double Reds. As it stands each pr has its own 10g tank. I have a pr of Triple Reds that I believe the F is guarding her eggs based on behavior ( just cannot see into the Flower Pot and another Pr of Triple Reds looking like they might be courting.)
Sep 17, 1960 (Age: 63)
Richmond Va


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