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Mike Wise
Mar 16, 2004
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June 14
Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Mike Wise

Moderator, from Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Staff Member 5 Year Member

Try either here or: apistowise@earthlink.net Jan 22, 2019 at 8:10 AM

    1. Mikemm
      Are you currently in Colorado? Affiliated with any groups/fish stores there?
    2. mematrix
      Cool thank you Mike
    3. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      Yes, have the translation. Cost? Free for e-copy MS Word. Contact me when you get the book.
    4. mematrix
      Hi Mike i have the german book coming in mail Die Zwergcichliden Südamerikas by Werner Schmettkamp, 1982 (out of print) I would like to get the translation if possible How Much will it run me my email is johnsoncurtis10@yahoo.com
    5. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      I have this German article somewhere in my library and I even translated it to English. If you want it I'll need an email address.
      1. Swez likes this.
      2. Swez
        That would be great... my email address is juzbkool@gmail.com.. thank you very much
        Feb 26, 2015
    6. Swez
      Hi Mike,
      im looking for a article about the Dicrossus Foirni . Im looking for an article about keeping them and breeding in Windisch, W., 1992, Dicrossus sp. „Rio Negro, D.A.T.Z. 45(12): 767-770.

      The article was advised by you in one of the fish advice forums...Would it be possible to advice where i can get that book or the article online
    7. Livebearer Lady
      Livebearer Lady
      O.K. mike it this how it works??? I'm use to other boards that have P.M. section like an e-mail box..
      Let me know if i did this right? GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!
    8. Frank_H
      Hi Mike,

      there is a discussion going on on Facebook about the top two fish from this thread http://www.apistogramma.com/forum/threads/id-please.18714/
      Most people believe it's A. (cf.) personata. However, according to the collector the location is Rio Inirida and thus not one of the known locations of (cf.) personata. Would be very interesting to hear your thoughts about this!

      Thanks and best regards,
    9. jj_ferg
      Hi Mike, my husband & I enjoyed your talk at CCAC tremendously! So much so, in fact, that we now have a female A. baenschi in quarantine from our club auction. I need advice on the best places to find an appropriate mate for her, as I understand from Lief Johansen that stores aren't the best sources. Thanks! Jenn
    10. Ferrotype
      Hi Mike, I'm new to this forum and was looking for some advice.
      Recently purchased a kubensis cichlid male. I was wondering if I would be able to house a pair of cockatoos with the kubensis without problems. Would the kubensis compete with the male cockatoo for the female seeing as they are so similar or would they just ignore each other? Tank is 1x3 foot planted, thanks
      1. Mike Wise
        Mike Wise
        I think you mean "Kribensis", the Common Krib. They do not make good tank mates because they communicate aggression/submission differently. This often leads to one killing the other.
        May 11, 2014
    11. Aquatic_Adam
      I definitely understand. The price I pay for not being able to make the meeting I suppose!
    12. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      Many slides are pics from my friends who let me use them in programs, but not distribute them. Hope you understand.
    13. Aquatic_Adam
      I just wasn't sure if you had a slide show or not. Its not a big deal, I just didn't want to miss out! Thanks anyway :)
    14. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      Sorry to hear you can't make it to the talk. I really don't know how this would work.
    15. Aquatic_Adam
      Hey Mike! I know you are going to be speaking at the AAAA this upcoming month. I really wanted to be there to hear and talk to you but sadly I will not be able to make it. After the event or before, do you think I could see your presentation? I am always looking to learn. Thanks!
    16. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      You can send photos to my personal email (apistowise@earthlink.net). I'm pretty sure your fish are the Orange-tail eunotus.
    17. Graham Carr
      Graham Carr
      Hello Mike, I have ben trying to find the exact spicies of apistogramma I have for a couple of weeks now with no real definitive answer, I was wondering if there is some way I can send/email/message you a picture so that you could tell me what it actually is? Thanks
    18. Mike Wise
      Mike Wise
      At the top of this site? That's an over Photoshopped A. macmasteri.
    19. Apisto~Man
      Hi, just a random question , what is the yellow and orange fish called on the website name ?
    20. Milk
      Hi mike;
      Based on your experience and knowledge of keeping apistogramma, at what stage will the tank parameter affects the gender of the fries? Based on romer atlas 1, it state that temperature affects the gender.. But did not state when.
      For example.. At egg stage, 1 week of free swimming stage etc...
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