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Recent content by miguelgr7

  1. miguelgr7

    Looking for Ortegai, Alto Tapiche, and Bitaeniata. Located in Western New York State.

    I am interested in buying some Abacaxis if you are selling them.
  2. miguelgr7

    Nice pair of WC Apistogramma arua from Aquaticclarity!!!

    Hello everyone, I show you this wonderful species that is not well known because I think that pale colors do not help them but looking at them well they are a species that we have to give them the opportunity, I leave some photo of my current partner, they look very good. Greetings
  3. miguelgr7

    Male or Female sp. D39???

    Unfortunately, now I have 3 males because one of them was killed by the alpha male, currently there are no available females in the entire USA, it is very unfortunate that sellers cheat people for making money
  4. miguelgr7

    Male or Female sp. D39???

    When they arrived they looked like females but they already developed characteristics of males and when consulting with experts we could already know that they actually sold me 4 males, I was deceived by the seller who told me they were pairs and I thought he was a person who knew a lot about...
  5. miguelgr7

    WC Apistogramma sp. D6 "Mitu"

    Hello Mathias, unfortunately they died because they were two males and they fought a lot, I would like to have a real pair again, where did you buy yours?
  6. miguelgr7

    Male or Female sp. D39???

    Thanks ton for your prompt response, this something I suspected, many tell me that the D39 are very rare and difficult with the identification of females, I think this time the seller sold me something wrong
  7. miguelgr7

    Male or Female sp. D39???

    Hello everyone, I want to tell you that they sold me 2 males and 2 females Apistogramma sp. D39, they were young when I received them, now they are already a good size but unfortunately one of the "females" was killed by one of the big males, now only I have 2 males and a supposed female who is...
  8. miguelgr7

    Pure Fish Works ?

    It is very unfortunate what I read about Pure Fish I do not think it is a thief, my experience with them has been good, I bought fish from them and I did not have that kind of problems and I received good fish of good quality, I hope everything was a misunderstanding and that has been solved.
  9. miguelgr7

    WC Apistogramma sp. D37 "Gill-Spot"

  10. miguelgr7

    WC Apistogramma sp. D6 "Mitu"

    They adapted quickly, I show you some pictures of me WC Apistogramma sp. D6 "Mitu", I hope you enjoy it like me, they are not easy to take pictures
  11. miguelgr7

    WC Apistogramma viejita "Puerto Gaitan"

    Here the real viejita!!!
  12. miguelgr7

    WC Apistogramma sp. D37 "Gill-Spot"

    They are no longer shy, now they are more comfortable and show themselves more, I think they have adapted
  13. miguelgr7

    WC Apistogrammas for sale!!!

    Hello folks!! the following Apistogrammas are in stock now only USA, they are spectacular and 100% guaranteed that you will buy something very good and quality, contact In2Deep Aquatics for more information about the purchase, I recommend them because they are very good sellers and the best...
  14. miguelgr7

    My Apistogramma elizabethae Sao Gabriel with fry!!!

    Ph 5.8, TDS 45, Temp 24C Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. miguelgr7

    WC Apistogramma megastoma

    Nice pair