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Recent content by michelle

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    SOS to any Mexican Members

    Thank you Ted Philip's story has been broadcast by the BBC world wide network, radio, national and local newspapers. He is a good hardworking lad and its terrible to see his family suffer so much. O neg is a rare blood group in the Western hemisphere and even more so in Mexico. Thanks for...
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    SOS to any Mexican Members

    Update on Philip Pain in Hospital in Mexico Just to let you know that 21 year old Philip has made a slight improvement. His organs were crused in the seven storey fall, but now his lungs and heart are functioning and doctors say they may not have to amputate his leg since recieving enough...
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    SOS to any Mexican Members

    A young family friend is desperately ill in hospital in Mexico. If you know anyone who lives there, please forward the link below. He urgently needs O neg. blood. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/8440518.stm Thank you so much and I apologise for using the forum in this way, Michelle.
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    more natural tank look...ok?

    I would love to see some pics. In fact I would love to see more pictures generally on the forum - of course size and space is always an issue. michelle
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    Steatocranus sp. "square head" timeline-fry to fry

    Thoroughly enjoyed the photos, some very nice shots and the timeline of fry to fry really interesting. Michelle
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    [Pics] ..... hehehe

    Hi there awth, The tails are very exciting to count, but are you going to enlighten us as to what those tails may grow in to. lol Michelle
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    [Pics] New System for I. Adoketa

    Hi there, I used to have a Minolta SLR, but recently I was bought a Panasonic LUMIX BMC-FZ18 digital camera. Pretty pleased with it but went on a camera course to discover that I will not be able to get any better macro pictures unless I spend several hundred pounds on an additional lens and...
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    Hello everybody

    Welcome to the forum Snoopy, Michelle
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    Photos of my Krib Fry

    Thank you very much. My fry are now six weeks old and they are sharing a 72 litre and a 120 litre to see how they develop as this is a first spawn for me. I moved the parents to a 125 ltr community tank about 10 days ago, and this evening I find they are swimming about with another mist of...
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    Photos of my Krib Fry

    Hi there, Its a bit of a coincidence that you should mention those other strains as I have been looking at them on someone's post who has various ones for sale, but funnily enough I did not find them half as colourful as the parents that I keep. I do believe I have the more common pulcher...
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    [Pics] New System for I. Adoketa

    Hi awth, Fantastic fish, fantastic photos. Good luck with you new upgrade. I have recently changed cameras and am still getting used to mine. Michelle
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    Photos of my Krib Fry

    Moving on from the photos I have posted in 'Breeding kribs' post, this is of fry at 30 days old. And this is them at 45 days old Hope you like them. Michelle
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    picture request

    Hi there Red, I found a couple of pictures on the web for you. Not very experienced fishkeeper myself, so you may need confirmation of these two pictures of the female eunotus. Not in breeding colours The same fish in breeding colours These are two pictures of my apisto...
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    New Fish Room.....

    Looks great! Looks flipping unbelieveable. Are you sure you meant fishroom, looks more like a fish shop lol. Whoooo I'm so jealous. Michelle
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    A. Elizabethe F1 VS German A. Elizabethe

    Beautiful fish. I think I prefer the less colourful ones - I guess they are the wild ones. Stunning Michelle