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Recent content by mantisfan101

  1. mantisfan101

    Is this lockjaw?

    Update- I think she’s a goner. She’s beginning to pinecone right now.
  2. mantisfan101

    Is this lockjaw?

    I left for 2 days for a vacation and saw my female like this. She’s been hiding all the time and I saw her mouth open in a finny position. She hasn’t really eaten since and always seems to be hiding and she doesn’t seem to be able to fully close her mouth. Is this lockjaw and is there a chance...
  3. mantisfan101

    Apisto Stock

    For the most part mixing different species breeding pairs isn’t really a good idea.
  4. mantisfan101

    Borellii or hongsloi female

    I got a pair of borelli from my lfs but my female looks a bit different. I also noticed that they had some hongsloi mixed in with some of their other species as well so now I’ having doubts if this is indeed a borellii female.
  5. mantisfan101

    Moving bonded panduro to another tank

    No, why do you ask?
  6. mantisfan101

    Guppies as dither fish

    I added some in with my cacatuoides wild from peru trio, would this work? Would the guppies somehow eat the fry?
  7. mantisfan101

    Moving bonded panduro to another tank

    Ok, I checked up on them and the female looks completely different; she looks almost exactly like a male now; what does this mean?
  8. mantisfan101

    Moving bonded panduro to another tank

    I’ve tried using mirror therapy to try and distract the male but know he’s just flaring at his reflection and flaring at the female. Is there anything else I can do?
  9. mantisfan101

    Moving bonded panduro to another tank

    Ok, I tried moving them to the new tank and the first thing the male did was chase the female around...what should I do now? I know that they’ve spawned successfully before, but now he won’t stop chasing her around
  10. mantisfan101

    Moving bonded panduro to another tank

    How do I move them to another tank without breaking up the pair bond? They’ve spawned at least 5 times for me and I need to clean out the tank because the silicone is wearing off.
  11. mantisfan101

    Panduro kept 2 spawns together

    So my panduro spawned 3 weeks ago and she still ahs about 4 somewhat decent sized fry left. I checked on them a couple days ago and and I saw that she had eggs and strangely enough, the 4 leftover fry in the pvc tube with the eggs. I checked up in them today and I can see that they’re free...
  12. mantisfan101

    Acclimating fry to new tank water

    I don’t think I can, I have another setup established system with a ton of java moss. Also when I leave them with the parents the male and female always eat everything and the fry barely get anything to eat. Would drip acclimating work?
  13. mantisfan101

    Acclimating fry to new tank water

    My panduro spawned again and this time I decided to care for the fry separately since when I leave them with the parents, they always disappear after a week without a trace. How would I go about acclimating them to different tankw ater? Should I drip acclimate?
  14. mantisfan101

    Bloodworms ok for cacatuoides?

    Ok, so do I have anything to worry about right now?
  15. mantisfan101

    A. baenschi behavior question

    It can take a while for them to come together. What I found worked was separating the male and female for a couple weeks-months and then reintroducing them.