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Recent content by langosh

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    Dry foods - what works?

    All my domestic forms of apistogramma accept dry food but they love especially Hikari granules - I can recommend Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets or Hikari Tropical Micro Wafers… Roman
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    Borelli fry

    I wrote an article on Apistogramma for our local web site a few months ago so I’ve done some research and according to my findings the fastest growing species is Ap. nijssenii that get 2 cm in 5 weeks following e.g. Ap. agassizii (6-7 weeks), Ap. macmasteri (7 weeks), Ap. Panduro (8 weeks) and...
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    BIO-LIF Indian almond leaves

    Do you refer to this product? http://www.easyfish.cz/texty/vyr01.htm It is used quite a lot among the Czech fish keepers and especially shrimp keepers. Well, I´m surprised by your price - it´s cheaper than in our country (about $6,9)... According to the overall responses, Bio Lif has...
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    Black Brush Algae

    As for my experience - lowering the water flow helped me to reduce BBA significantly even though very often is advised reversely (i.e. good water flow)... Roman
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    What form is this one? Roman
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    Greetings from Cameroon

    I think the Czech Republic still belongs among the worlds’ three largest aquarium fish exporters... Roman
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    Greetings from Cameroon

    yea, since 1993...:wink: Roman
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    A Nijsseni or A Panduro

    Have a look here Roman
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    Another noted hobbyist/collector in the Manaus jailhouse

    Bleher released http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/pfk/pages/item.php?news=1790 Roman
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    "Free Heiko Bleher" Petition

    http://www.petitiononline.com/Heiko/petition.html Roman
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    Viejita or Macmasteri?

    They look like Ap. sp. Rotpunkt to me... Roman
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    Your experience w/bbs sources.

    My small "hatchery" - it´s just 1L bottle. I assume 2L bottle coul be more appropriate - due to its shape... Roman:)
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    Which species is this?

    Thank you for your comment. The mentioned "ventral stripe" is clearly visible - so it is definitely A. sp. Rotpunkt. Roman
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    Which species is this?

    Here are two pictures. I´m sorry for the quality but it was taken in a hurry and the female refused to stand still for a moment...:biggrin: Roman
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    Which species is this?

    I bought a pair of fish as A. alacrina a few days ago but after reading your comments I regarded them to be mislabeled A. sp. Rotpunkt. But I saw female in her breeding dress yesterday and black spot at the base of her pectoral fins was clearly visible. Or to be a true A. alacrina is blotch...