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Recent content by JoseF

  1. J

    Peru Apistogramma identification black triangle

    Thank you. Very interesting. One of the smallest of all apistogramma. Appreciate your identification.
  2. J

    Peru Apistogramma identification black triangle

    Was shopping on this website and asked the seller to identify. He stated that the were from peru but that otherwise he had no idea as to species. Any ideas? On key feature is the all have a distinct triangle on base of caudal fin. One fish seemed almost white which was interesting. Fish listed...
  3. J

    are Magnolia denudata and Magnolia x soulangeana leaves safe for aquaria?

    I enjoyed this discussion. I have a couple of complex magnolia hybrids which I had never considered using leaves from. I do not need the additional tannins but the leaves are definitely interesting.
  4. J

    Plants and Substrate

    My favorite I used some vertical hardwood to anchor larger species of buchephelandra with super glue. Even used a piece of carved ebony anchored to slate. The plants closer to the surface and light did particularly well. I have at least one dwarf cryptocoryne in sand which is very slow...
  5. J

    ID LFS apistogramma

    Thank you. I decided not purchase these particular fish. I have a few macmasteri where I have been waiting patiently for a male to color up and emerge from to possibly pair with an existing adult female... so slow that I have been eyeballing possible replacements :)
  6. J

    ID LFS apistogramma

    Hello all. My LFS in Green Bay WI obtained some apistogramma from Peru which I am interested in but want to ensure I am clear as to what they are selling. I have attached a few photos. Thank you for your thoughts as to the species. These are relatively large for apistos the first photographed...
  7. J

    Dither Fish

    Coryodoras Pygmaeus or Habrosus for mid-water or bottom focus, respectively. Pygmaeus are especially interesting in how they school plus will tend to spend more time off the bottom of the tank and away from the areas that the apistos may spawn in. Add a few male endlers are hardy and will...
  8. J

    Male or Female Apistogramma Macmasterii?

    They both look like males to me. The dominant male will color up and the other will be a sleeper. At least that happened in my tank with two males and a female. Good luck with Spain. Visiting Northern Spain is on my bucket list.
  9. J

    New ortegai

    Thank you Mats. If I am able to get fry I will post a picture. Funny to see the female take charge in the tank now that she is in brood.
  10. J

    New ortegai

    Thank you very much Mike! I just read some of your earlier post on A91. My female seems to be guarding her cave again so fingers crossed. Interesting pair. Male seems terrified of her at this point.
  11. J

    New ortegai

    Thank you Mike. From the pictures do you have an opinion of which species mine might represent? My male hasn't quite gotten to his full adult size or coloration. He has probably added a third to his size in the past few week. If I am fortunate enough to share the next generation with the...
  12. J

    New ortegai

    You are correct about the female she likely had eggs a couple of weeks ago but the male was not interested at that time and do not think he made the commitment to parenting. I don't think she has eggs now because she is not guarding the cave... perhaps soon as the are now showing interest in...
  13. J

    New ortegai

    My local fish store in GB Wisconsin was able to intercept or purloin a japan-bound shipment of WC ortegai and I picked up a pair from them. I had a male and female of perhaps same species for 6 weeks that were not bonding so exchanged. My previous pair were internet ordered also WC. My LFS ones...
  14. J

    Apistogramma agassizii - Aquasoil or sand?

    I use CaribSea Supern Naturals fine sand, PH neutral. In my opinion the finer the better as they love to filter food from the sand. Plus if you have or add corys they they can burrow easily in the sand without damaging their barbels. You can use a larger smooth stones and natural wood...
  15. J

    A. Ortegai Pebas var & macmasteri sleeper

    The Cory are great. Never and issue with apistogramma. Have several hasbrosus, pygmeus and one larger salt and pepper variety (survivor) and have had caucotoides fry in past with no issues from them. Male ortegai starting to color well & not shy at all. I wish he and female would hit it off so...