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Recent content by Jon Webb

  1. J

    "Rio Orinoco Biotope" (20 Gallon long) advice.

    Found more by checking the angles.
  2. J

    "Rio Orinoco Biotope" (20 Gallon long) advice.

    Well, you got me. I only found one.
  3. J

    After months waiting I got this: Flagcichlid

    These look like the “Cichlasoma Festivam” I had from a LFS back in the early (19)70’s. Yours are beautifully colored as mine were. Most of the Mesonauts I’ve seen on line these days are much more drab. I’ve wanted more to tank with Discus, since I am much more proficient at fish keeping 50 years...
  4. J

    120 Community tank

    Save those shells for those of us who like “shellies”!
  5. J

    "Rio Orinoco Biotope" (20 Gallon long) advice.

    I agree with MacZ. Excellent summary re: peat. Oh, how I wish it was sustainable.
  6. J

    45 gallons A. Cacatuoide w/ Pearl Gouramis & Corydoras

    I love Pearls as well. In the early (and primitive) 70’s I bred them in soft mountain water, and didn’t even know about weekly water changes yet. Had a giant Amazon sword, which loved the undergravel filter and poor incandescent light. I got so many fry I had to raise them in a 30 gallon plastic...
  7. J

    Do Apistos eat snails?

    Pinch the snails to crush their shells before you drop them in the tanks.
  8. J

    Can I add another apistogramma species to my 40gallong breeder with A. Borellii

    I’ve been lucky, apparently, with 6 Beckford’s pencils in a large community tank. They school together, and little to no aggression. Glad for the warnings on other species.
  9. J

    Harem in 120 gallon 4ftx2ft

    If it’s killed, why not drain it? Anyone else got an antibiotic idea?
  10. J

    Can I add another apistogramma species to my 40gallong breeder with A. Borellii

    I got a half grown natural pair of Viejitas from Aquatic Arts. Healthy, until I exposed them to fish from mass suppliers, and lost the male, apparently to gill flukes. The whole tank now treated, and the female recovering well. The female was the more aggressive, keeping the discus away. Ran off...
  11. J

    Harem in 120 gallon 4ftx2ft

    A question: since Cyanobacteria are bacteria, is there an antibiotic that would kill it?
  12. J

    Water too dark?

    Can you quarantine the pennywort, and treat it with hydrogen peroxide?
  13. J

    Maintaining Tannin Tint

    I use a peat bag in a small auxiliary canister which powers my surface skimmer, and change it every 2-3 months. And cut my hard water 1:1 with R/O. When the water gets a little tinted I’m good. Although I have a degree in chemistry, this is really a gardener’s approach. Have added alder cones...
  14. J

    macmasteri or viejita

    Looks like my Viejitas from an honest and reliable source.