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Recent content by ElijahTurtle

  1. ElijahTurtle

    Tank Shot: My 55G with Apistos & Angels

    Here's a shot of my 55g tank. We moved into our new house at the end of July & I lost half of my plants, over 2 years worth of growth on an anubias nana & 3/4 my java fern and most of the dwarf Saggitaria that I had covering some areas just gone. It gave me an opportunity to change some things...
  2. ElijahTurtle

    Amazing little critters

    That's awesome
  3. ElijahTurtle

    Apisto pair for 29g?

    Hey I'm new to dwarfs, but not planted tanks. I had a question. What's the purpose of having leaf litter in the tank? Or is there a particular reason?
  4. ElijahTurtle

    Hey Everyone!

    Just got introduced to this site by a member whi on a local forum with me. Even though I've been keeping planted tanks for years, I would say I'm new to dwarf cichlids. I just picked up five beautiful A. cacatuoides from him & already had 3 kribs P. pulcher that I got from him about 6 months...