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Recent content by drudnick

  1. drudnick

    In Connecticut lookng for Incas

    I have been out of the game for about a year, but looking to get a pair or trio of Incas wthin the next month or so. If anyone in CT has some great, if i need to have them shipped, I can do that also. Thanks for any help
  2. drudnick

    Wild Apistogramma Order

    You know what I want, so keep me posted...
  3. drudnick

    Hey man, Hows it going... How are the little critters doing? Seems you dont deal with...

    Hey man, Hows it going... How are the little critters doing? Seems you dont deal with Apistos as much anymore, or at least it seems when you have stuff for sale its different things. I am excited, I just got a trio of wild Bitaeniata for 18 bucks at a local shop. Been dying to get them...
  4. drudnick

    Always interesting watching parenting

    The previous tank raised pair I had the female was a brute to the male when guarding. I like watching this pair much better.
  5. drudnick

    Always interesting watching parenting

    Every pair of Apistos I ever had breed the female has always raised the babies, while the male is banished to the other side of the tank hiding. Until now... I have a wild pair of Inkas and they have spawned. My tank is battling some algae so I couldnt see too well into the back where the...
  6. drudnick

    Easiest way to get rid of algae

    No sunlight, but when I started using live plants, I changed the lighting to a stringer light. So I am thinking that may be playing a part as well
  7. drudnick

    Easiest way to get rid of algae

    Thanks for the help...
  8. drudnick

    Easiest way to get rid of algae

    I am dealing with a planted tank for the 1st time really. I am now dealing with a cloudy green tank. I dealt with this in the past in a different tank, and I was never really able to rid myself of it until I just completely emptied it and started over... I have been keeping the lights out...
  9. drudnick

    My male Aggie

  10. drudnick

    Apisto. baenschi (aka Inca/Inka)

    Now I am having Inca withdrawl.... :frown:
  11. drudnick

    Ram cichlid tank

    I definitely would agree with Vail here. When buying you definitely want to watch them for a bit and see the behavior before buying. That is of course assuming you are buying from a LFS and not online
  12. drudnick

    Ap. bitaeniata from "lago Tefe"

    I need to find someone in the US who can import these...
  13. drudnick

    ID Please

    I made a guess, but decided I was probably wrong...lol
  14. drudnick


    If your going to use Uncle Neds make sure ytou make a phone call before going. Like right now he doesnt have any apistos in. So if you just go, you might be disappointed. They have apistos, but they dont generally get alot of stuff in, so you have to constantly look with them. I did get...
  15. drudnick


    Im not quite familiar with every place in CT and spyder probably knows more about the clubs than i would. but I do know a place in manchester, ct called Aquatic Wildlife gets Apistos in. I have purchased from them in the past. If you call and speak to mgr or the owner they can probably...