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Recent content by Dean Castle

  1. Dean Castle

    Apistogramma d47 tank

    Another beauty! Well done.
  2. Dean Castle

    75 liter A. baenschi biotope

    Looks lovely! Plenty of dark places to hide away!
  3. Dean Castle

    Vacation Care

    Thanks Mike, thought as much.
  4. Dean Castle

    Vacation Care

    Sorry to jump on this thread..........what are people's thoughts on holiday blocks. I'm away for 10 days shortly and the last time I asked someone to feed my N. Anomala, it nearly ended in tears. Thanks in advance. Dean
  5. Dean Castle

    Advice on motherless fry

    Great read. It proves every cloud has a silver lining. Dean
  6. Dean Castle

    My Vivaline 180 LED

    Stunning tank!
  7. Dean Castle

    Feeding free swimming fry.

    Thanks for the input guys, space is limited so moving the fry seems a better option, i only have room for a 20L tank. Dean
  8. Dean Castle

    Feeding free swimming fry.

    Had them for 2 weeks. Around 20 looking very happy with a good mum taking care, came home from work next day.....all gone:(. Not sure what to make of it but she's flirting with the male so hopefully there will be more to come. Can I separate the fry from the mother once free swimming? Thanks...
  9. Dean Castle


    Looks fantastic. Keep up the good work!
  10. Dean Castle

    N.Anomala swimming struggles.

    I need help please. My lovely male Nannacara is not swimming properly. He hides away most of the day except during feeding which he is doing ok. His pectoral fins seem to be ok but his tail fin is not moving much and he seems to move with his tail almost dragging on the floor. His female is...
  11. Dean Castle

    60L inspired biotope tank for A.Abacaxis

    No offence intended my friend
  12. Dean Castle

    My main man Clyde

    Handsome fella!
  13. Dean Castle

    Feeding free swimming fry.

    Thanks, need to buy some fast!
  14. Dean Castle

    Feeding free swimming fry.

    Thanks, need to buy some fast!