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  1. CyberCoyote

    Acclimating fry to new tank water

    Given they are older, but I had brought my Macmasteri juvies to the LFS today and 'thought' I'd cleared out the grow out tank. After draining it down to next to nothing I spotted a small Mac still in there. I just scooped him up and popped him in the nearest tank. THEN I was adding new water to...
  2. CyberCoyote

    Female in hiding too long?

    Unfortunately I found her body in the overgrowth. Maybe the male got to her, I don't know. she'd been dead for a while, pretty decayed. Poor girl, she was an awesome mom. I'll let him go take over the big tank. there's a few fry still in there that never fell for the traps, guess I gotta figure...
  3. CyberCoyote

    Female in hiding too long?

    The male patrols around the perimeter but doesn't go in, the guppies (they are very young) stick to the top of the tank. I have seen the mystery (apple) snail further in, assume she'd beat the heck out of him if he got too close. I will get some BBS in there tonight.
  4. CyberCoyote

    Female in hiding too long?

    The first time my female successfully bred she was in a busy tank, so I did see her out and about as she was defending her area. The breeding pair are now in a private tank and she ignored the two caves I made and preferred to hide in an impossible jungle of mixed plants, rocks and churned sand...
  5. CyberCoyote

    accelerated fry growth and lifespan?

    It's a 20 gallon tall, I change out 5 gallons 2 or 3 times a week as my schedule allows. Is that too often? Not enough? My other tanks are on a 1 time a week (usually) schedule. If nitrates aren't inching over 40 in those I usually let them be.
  6. CyberCoyote

    accelerated fry growth and lifespan?

    Yeah, keeping the nitrates down is a matter of tons of water changes, I let the algae go crazy in that tank to help. Their parents are breeding once more but I think after this I will separate them so they can live happy monogomous lives. Someone in the house has to! :) Thanks for the input.
  7. CyberCoyote

    accelerated fry growth and lifespan?

    Hi, I feed my grow outs four times a day(at least), at 15 weeks they are almost big enough to sex. However I have a pair that I never moved to the grow out tank and they are still very small compared to the ones getting all the extra food, they just gather scraps during regular feedings. Does...
  8. CyberCoyote

    Verify Macmasteri?

    Oh, you'll be seein' 'em YD! :) Thanks for the responses!
  9. CyberCoyote

    Verify Macmasteri?

    Hi guys, when I got my pair back in the beginning of the year I posted the usual "What species, what sex?" pics of my juvenilesand it was pretty sure they were Macmasteri. Well now they have dozens of juvies of their own and I'm going to be sending some to another member and probably bringing...
  10. CyberCoyote

    Fry care while on trip

    Not sure how to keep bbs in a feeder (freeze dried?) I don't have an auto feeder, but my fry did well on the Hikari First Bites. It's a very fine dry 'powder' food. Not sure if it would work with the timer or not but might be worth an experiment before you go.
  11. CyberCoyote

    Move fry to grow out tank or...?

    My Macmasteri fry are over a month old now, I never moved them from my show tank (40 Breeder, heavily planted). The Mom has kept them safe from the bloodfins and green neons, some of the piggier fry are close to a half inch already (fun trick, use a yellow measuring tape against the glass and...
  12. CyberCoyote

    First row view of an Apisto laying eggs

    That's awesome, lucky timing. Thanks for sharing!
  13. CyberCoyote

    Forum Rules

    Late.. but I agree!
  14. CyberCoyote

    Panduro submission?

    More experienced folks here than I, my pair's bred once but my Macmasteri engaged in almost the very same behavior, I never saw where she put the eggs, but fry did 'magically' appear not too long after the courting. That the male wasn't chasing her away constantly was the big give away.
  15. CyberCoyote

    'Assume' there's eggs?

    Just an update on the Macmasteri first spawn. A month in and a good number of the fry are doing well in the community tank. I have a 20 tall cycling for a grow out-future spawn tank but they have survived with Mom's diligence. I know I'll have to give these guys up in another month or two, but...