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  1. Chromedome

    Copella callolepis (sensu Zarske)

    I have found two problems with raising fry of Copella. The first was obviously food. Later breeding with C. arnoldi allowed for some experiments. Vinegar worms were too big! So it boiled down to infusoria. I also used a solution of the old Liquifry in the squeeze tubes with limited success. It...
  2. Chromedome

    Can someome ID this dwarf cichlid for me please

    Identified this on another forum. Juvenile Gymnogeophagus balzanii.
  3. Chromedome

    sexing borellii or steel blue

    I believe those are Steel Blue, rather than borellii. You appear to have the sexing correct.
  4. Chromedome

    Anomalochromis Thomasi (African Butterfly Cichlid) Over looked dwarf...

    I must have had the only thomasi with attitude, apparently. :rolleyes: They chased around two Wallaceochromis that were both larger than them. They also cleaned out every single MTS snail in the tank, and it was overloaded with them.
  5. Chromedome

    Anomalochromis Thomasi (African Butterfly Cichlid) Over looked dwarf...

    Anomalochromis is an interesting genus. Currently considered monotypic, Loiselle speculated back in 2012 that the different populations should be described as different species. Ade's fish are the Guinea population, which has been the only one available for a very long time. It's identifiable by...
  6. Chromedome

    Copella callolepis (sensu Zarske)

    I had this species back about 1983-84, and have been trying to find them again ever since. At the time they were (mis)identified as Copella nattereri. I only managed to get one pair, but they did spawn in a very similar manner to that described above. My pair, however, had a floating leaf of...
  7. Chromedome

    Sexing German Blue

    If you look at the post directly above yours, you will see that this is not true. I've had pairs where both sexes had blue spangles in the black spot, and I've had pairs where neither one had them. As noted by Ade205, that is not a dependable characteristic.
  8. Chromedome

    Male or female cacatuoides?

    Females of the domestic double and triple red strain often have some male coloring and extensions in the fins. However, the third picture above is clearly a female with the yellow body and the black ventral fins. In fact, I'd say she's anxious to spawn.
  9. Chromedome

    Pls help with sexing Cacatoides DR

    Not cacatuoides. They do not have spangling on the face. The caudal is pretty chewed up, but I suspect it is male agassizi of one of the commercial strains.
  10. Chromedome

    xHelp sexing young German Blue Rams and Electric Blue Ram

    From what I see in the photos, I'd say you have two females, one dominant and colored up, the other submissive, with the dorsal folded down most of the time. I did not see any Electric Blue Ram. Spangles present/absent in the humeral spot is not a dependable characteristic. I've had breeder...
  11. Chromedome

    Apisto Cacatuoides uncoloured

    First, I noticed that the Tetras are Paracheirodon axelrodi, commonly called the Cardinal Tetra. Neon Tetras are P. innesi, and have less red color. Your male does not look that poorly colored to me, but he is a bit pale. This could be from the white substrate and too much light. Those roots do...
  12. Chromedome

    Breeding Apistogramma Trifasciata

    She needs a very small cave/space that she can enter and he can't. I used some 3 inch flowerpots turned upside down. The hole in the bottom was big enough for her, but not for my male. I had two females, and he spawned with both of them at almost the same time, certainly within a day of one...
  13. Chromedome

    Unsure of how to sell apistos

    What is your nearest aquarium club? Most of them have auctions in spring and fall, and this is a good way to sell Apistos, as you are getting a group of buyers that are a little more knowledgeable about what you are selling. A lot of clubs have swap meets these days, where you rent table space...
  14. Chromedome

    What Plants?

    Hey Katie13, note that Gerald mentioned Water Sprite as a floater, not a rooted plant. I know a lot of people want to grow it rooted in the substrate. I usually have no trouble with it as a floater, but I found that it didn't do so well when the flourescent light bulbs got old. After a year or...
  15. Chromedome


    I would consider all three of those very easy to keep and breed. I would note that the Epiplatys dageti rarely has the color you might see in some photos. However, it was once a very common species in the hobby because it was so easy to breed.