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Recent content by chris1805

  1. chris1805

    Copella Arnoldi

    Thank you for the input Darrel. I will try to get my hands on a culture of vinegar eels. For now i will use a ball of moss with a squeezed out filter sponge. Loved to read your post on this species. It’s a fascinating species
  2. chris1805

    Copella Arnoldi

    Succes! Some of the eggs hatched in the breeder box. Biggest problem for now, these fry are unbelieveably tiny. I put some baby brine shrimp in, but they seem to be almost the same size..... Does someone have some suggestions on what to feed them?
  3. chris1805

    Copella Arnoldi

    Hi all, I keep 5 Copella Arnoldi as dither fish in my community tank. I have acquired this species since the beginning of November. Although never my intent, this species seems to love my tank and is constantly laying eggs against the lid. The eggs are fertilised as baby fish can be seen when...
  4. chris1805

    bitaeniatas all around (sorry, might be image heavy)

    Hi Rasmus, My experience might throw your theory of but let’s have a go any ways... I was supposed to get 4 Apistogramma sp. D37 1 male and 3 female. However the supposedly male, turned out to be a female. As the hobbyist who supplied me with this lovely species, live quite a distance away for...
  5. chris1805

    Apisto Tankmates?

    I keep green neons with my harem of Apistogramma sp. D37. They are great combination, but I suspect them from eating some fry. Which is fine by me as I don't have room to raise big groups of fry. I do currently have a female sp D37 that is guarding fry and I am pretty sure the fry are too big to...
  6. chris1805

    Hello from Graz, Austria

    Welcome to the forum! Your pictures look awesome :)
  7. chris1805

    Apisto Cacatuoides uncoloured

    I would say your male looks fine as well. Maybe try to feed some frozen brine shrimp. My fish tend to love that food :)
  8. chris1805

    My Apistogramma

    Best confirmation one can get about have a male and female, I just spotted some fry! Funny enough it is the smallest female who is the most dominant female and the first female to have fry. As the female is still very small and young, and so is the male it is only a small batch of about 10-15...
  9. chris1805

    My Apistogramma

    Just a quick update. The 4 sp. D37 that I received all turned out to be females. All 4 females were laying eggs, but none ever hatched. Lucky the person I bought them from still had a male. This time we are sure it is a male. Hopefully we will see some fry soon! New sp. D37 male
  10. chris1805


    Although the pictures are not of good quality you might have 2 females. See pictures of my old pair as a reference, especially the female.
  11. chris1805

    Shy Apistogramma cacatuoides

    A photo of your tank would help as well. Also make sure the enterances of the caves are not too big. For example my sp. D37 female chose a small savu pod right in front of the glas to breed. If you look closely you can see a few white eggs inside the cave. I also provided a full tank picture...
  12. chris1805

    Shy Apistogramma cacatuoides

    Apistogrammas mostly refuse to eat dry foods, I would therefore recommend frozen brine shrimp or live food. Apistogrammas come from dense areas with lots of leaves and low light. They like to hide if they don’t feel secure. I’ve had apistos hide for over a month before they felt secure enough to...
  13. chris1805

    How to get him interested?

    Good point made about the sand substrate, i totally missed that. Please be carefull with feeding too much bloodworm, this has high risk of causint bloat at Apistogrammas. I would suggest to feed frozen brine shrimp and only frozen bloodworms once in a while.
  14. chris1805

    Apistogramma Megaptera Breeding

    I’ve had my pair of Apistogramma Megaptera F1 spawn a few times. In my opinion fairly easy to breed, but they can get quite agressive. I think my water parameters were ph 6-0-6.5 with the kh at arround 2-3 i believe. Temp was arround 25-26 degrees celcius. Anything else you would like to know?
  15. chris1805

    Multiple Male Apisto's?

    Although I don’t have any experience, I have seen Mike recommended this multiple times for community tanks. I think however that 10 may be a bit too much. It also requires that they are all different species and introducing them at once would be aquired. I think this would also work best with...