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Recent content by Bowluvr

  1. Bowluvr

    Orange or yellow?

    I add a high quality color flake to my flake mix (I use multiple flake formulas mixed together in a larger bucket), as well as a krill flake, and feed live bbs a few times/week. My cacatuoides have good, strong color. Be sure to use foods with natural color enhancers such as brine, krill...
  2. Bowluvr

    apistograma cocatodies - 2F:1M in a 20L? (newbie)

    I would invest in a divider that has holes that will be too small for week old fry to get through, even if you have to make one yourself. If you can protect the odd female from the one caring for fry, that will help a lot. A 20L is not really a large tank for Apistos. Honestly, the way I would...
  3. Bowluvr

    Viejita and Cacatuoides

    I don't have any available at the moment, and no longer ship. I sell my young fish to a couple of semi-local resellers (via driving to meet up for the exchange) who grow them out and distribute them. Jacob Davis got my last batch, and may still have some. JD Aquatics in North Carolina. I still...
  4. Bowluvr

    Viejita and Cacatuoides

    That is true viejita. The red dorsal lappets and spot pattern are correct for viejita. Also, if you got them from Ethan, then definitely the correct fish, as they are offspring from my wild pairs that I sold to him to distribute. Not macmasteri. Collection location I received my wild fish with...
  5. Bowluvr

    Seeking help with ID of these Apistos

    FWIW, real Apisto. viejita (Puerto Gaitan" locality) are available in the US hobby at this time as F1/F2. There are a few of us with wild fish that have been breeding and distributing fry for the past year, give or take. I run an Apistogramma Band group, where interested parties can find out who...