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Recent content by Bobblehead27

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    US Apistogrammmas availability

    Where in the us are you located?
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    Apisto Eunotus

    Wow. Very interesting. Where are you located?
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    Male apistogramma health

    I'm glad he's still alive.
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    Wc apisto viejita

    This is a 4 year old post fyi
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    Male apistogramma health

    I would say up the water changes in both frequency and quantity, and then try some broad spectrum antibiotics like kanamycin, triplesulfa, furan2, Minocycline, erythromycin, or ampicillin.
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    Male apistogramma health

    Yes it will definitely hurt the cichlid. This is when a quarantine tank comes in handy.
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    Male apistogramma health

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    Sexing my bolivian rams

    These are my two rams. I have read a ton about sexing them and still am not sure. So I'm going to guess the one with the plant in front of him is male and the stubbier one is female. Or both female?
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    Internal parasites?

    I'm seeing white poo hanging from my fish so I added metroplex into the tank about two days . (It's older so it may be expired. Can't read the expiration date) i just wanted to make sure that I correctly diagnosed this before I go through the full treatment Hisstomach seems sunk in as if I'm...
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    Disease or abrasion

    He was eating fine the whole time. He started to swim a little weird but nothing crazy. He'd sit on the substrate and breathe really heavy though if he wasn't engaged in eating or defending his territory. And right before I moved him he was getting blown around by the filter when he was...
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    Disease or abrasion

    I regret to say I came home to find him dead. :( thanks for the help. Everyone else is doing great.
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    Disease or abrasion

    Put him in quarantine tank. Should I add salt and raise the temp? I know you said any treatment would be a shot in the dark but is there any blanket ones that would cover more of the likely diseases? I'm really upset about this. He's my favorite fish. Took me years to find a store that had him.
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    Disease or abrasion

    So just retested the water still 0 across the board for ammonia nitrate and nitrite. The only thing that one can tell is wrong with the water is high pH. (7.6) but it's my understanding that it's better to have a consistent high ph rather than an inconsistent correct ph. I have two pieces of...
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    Disease or abrasion

    Came home today and his breathing has definitely sped up. First video was from same day as first post. Second is from today. Setting up a qt tank now.