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  1. Aquaticloch

    Hillstream Loaches And Breeding

    I think that loach tanks are generally very different from apistos in water conditions, temperament and hardscape requirements. Definitely better for both fishes to be seperate, as you said the loach would be very boisterous and also they may eat the apisto eggs. Going off on a bit of tangent...
  2. Aquaticloch

    Hillstream Loaches And Breeding

    The advice previously given to the contrary of what you want to do, is because you'd be compromising on the health of both species of fish as Mike Wise said community tanks are not breeding tanks. The hillstream loaches Will be chased by brooding females (even borellii.) Maybe hillstream...
  3. Aquaticloch

    Breeding Apistos, Questions.

    You don't need dithers if they have enough space, hides and sight-blocks. Don't stress over something you don't need, if you want dithers go ahead but you will have to go through a long acclimation process before you find something that can live in such a high pH (and I assume TDS.)
  4. Aquaticloch

    Breeding Apistos, Questions.

    1. They can eat them right away, microworms also work but are not nearly as easy to feed or as nutritional. 2. Quite fast depending on what you feed and how often, they'll be sexually mature in 3-5 months . 3. Bluntly, im struggling here. That's quite high for any apisto, even borelli. For...
  5. Aquaticloch

    Help with ID.. maybe agasizzi

    Apistoguy52 is right. Apistogramma sp. steel blue male. Not meaning to hijack this thread, but does anyone know what species are theorized to have created this probable hybrid, or is there more evidence pointing to wild populations of similar fish?
  6. Aquaticloch

    Apisto Balsapuerto

    Both of these threads have the same poster.
  7. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma ID needed. Maybe Velifera?

    Thank you. Just a couple more questions. Does anyone know what are some of the main characteristics of velifera. Speaking of the sp. d40 I only managed to find one photo of them before you mentioned them and noticed their similarities with vertical dark barring but figured they were not them...
  8. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma ID needed. Maybe Velifera?

    Hello all, I picked up a pair from my LFS of a species I could not identify. This store has always atrocious labeling which I help them out with, these were labeled as "Hoignei" and "Megaptera." I believe them to be some kind of pertensis species and maybe velifera. I do know that these guys...
  9. Aquaticloch

    A. Elizabethae sex??

    Looks like a male and a female. However, the aquarium you have them in isn't suitable for them, Apistogramma are sandsifting fish and require a fine substrate with leaf litter, as well as plenty of caves and sightblocks.
  10. Aquaticloch

    Blackwater breeding tank

    If that’s your goal it won’t be suitable for a pair of apistos
  11. Aquaticloch

    What is Apistogramma Piero ?

    They look like Uaupesi
  12. Aquaticloch

    Got these two, hoping for some help with sexing

    Both males and look like agassizii.
  13. Aquaticloch

    Can I keep a pair of Borrelli with an unpaired male Apistogramma Iniridae?

    Everyone who has replied to this thread has told you otherwise, as well as the fact that there is countless research on keeping apistos with sand. If your gourami has gotten fin damage from artificial decor in your aquarium, its likely the same will happen to your apistos, seeing as they are...
  14. Aquaticloch

    Can I keep a pair of Borrelli with an unpaired male Apistogramma Iniridae?

    This information has been pointed out and addressed in multiple other replies. Sandboxes are temporary solutions, I would definitely recommend having a full sand substrate instead of the pea gravel and sand, when the two substrate inevitably mix youll end up with a constant chore of seperating...
  15. Aquaticloch

    Can I keep a pair of Borrelli with an unpaired male Apistogramma Iniridae?

    I think the problems Mac Z has with your tank are what i outlined in the first reply, aside from blackwater. 1. Substrate 2. Lack of sight barriers 3. Lack of natural materials (driftwood, leaf litter) 4. gourami I think at some point all of us make mistakes regarding copyright, just remember...