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Recent content by amber2461

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    Dining here ????

    Yes, of course.
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    Steelblue breeding

    Hey If you need help, just give me a toot, I wil drop by, not a problem there, will come with my net(s) as well ... cheers
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    Steelblue breeding

    I had my apisto fry in my 20 g tank with habrosus corys and there were no problems, the Mama took care of everything, you literally could see that 2/3 of the tank belonged to the apistogrammas and the remaning were the corys, ottos and 1 2.5" catfish. Really interesting to watch. She is...
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    Steelblue breeding

    Congrats Mummy ... =P
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    A. Nijsseni SUCCESS!!!

    Congratulations !
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    Field of Gold

    They all work Mervin, good shots!
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    cobalt apisto agassizii = steel-blue

    Congrats Amanda on your find. Saw them there last week, then the fry were still in the tank and the pair were defending them against the rest of the tankmates. Cheers
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    Need help with Identification of fish

    Thansk for the further information, I think Willy suits my fish as well, you don't mind do you? Cheers
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    Need help with Identification of fish

    Thanks Mike, at least now I can give it a proper name, is it suppose to be this colour? He just doesn't colour up at all. I got him as a wild fish sold in a LFS but they had no idea what kind of fish it was.
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    Need help with Identification of fish

    I have this fish for almost a year now, could someone please help me to identify it. The picture is not so clear, I apologise for that. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b63/amber2461/FISH064.jpg http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b63/amber2461/FISH063.jpg...
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    Betta MAcrostoma

    Aaarrrggghhhh ... Mervin you are not good for the soul ... hehehehehe ... thanks for posting the link. Me thinks it is time to go to Miri again ... this time, the old fashion way ... via the jungle treks ~sigh~
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    Insects ANyone ????

    Gorgeous, thanks for sharing Mervin, mayhaps you should work freelance?
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    A. sp. Harlequin

    Hi Mervin Sorry to hear about your losses
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    A. nijsseni pics

    Very nice !
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    my apistogramma tank

    Very nice tank indeed, very unique, thanks for sharing!