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Recent content by algaefarmer

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    The Latest Idea

    Totally different experience here - my cherry red shrimp (Neocaridina denticulata) are the best algae-eating animal I've ever kept (on par with Amanos). Kept with Otos there are very few algae types that'll go uneaten. They are small though and you need a lot of them to actually control algae...
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    A.Cac w/ CRS and Amano Shrimp

    I added Amano/Yammato shrimp and Cherry Reds to two tanks, one with agassiziis and one with trifasciatas. In both tanks the cherries were decimated within a few days, they're just too small. I don't think they were actually being swallowed but they were getting torn up. The Amanos seem fine with...
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    Cichlid Atlas 2 -Romer

    If you are currently looking for it, Volume 1 is available here: http://www.seahorses.com/index.shtm The owners are cool people and stock lots of great books and magazines.
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    food for thought

    FAO manual Here's a fairly detailed manual of live food for aquaculture by the UN: http://www.fao.org/docrep/003/W3732E/w3732e00.HTM Most of it is useful information for home aquarists too. There are some basic nutritional profiles for several common live foods. Might be what you're after.
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    Apisto Bitaeniata Tefe Advice Pls

    Well I've fed them to my killies for years without a problem, but I'm not very experienced with apistos. Thanks for the warning.
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    Apisto Bitaeniata Tefe Advice Pls

    try Grindal worms Grindals worms are an excellent live food and very easy to culture. Less mess and fuss than brine shrimp I think. With two boxes of worms going, you'll have enough food for several tanks. Plus, you can easily feed your pellet food to the worms and it'll end up in your Apistos...
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    Biotope sites

    Could you share the link?
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    Cockatoo's with a ph of 7.6??

    Fish don't care what the pH is, they only care that it doesn't change rapidly. When people talk about a "low pH" fish, they are usually refering to a "soft water" fish.
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    Treatments for wild caught Apistos

    Two or three treatments of Praziquantel, anti-parasitic food if I have it, quarantine for about 14 days, and observe. No other meds unless I can positively identify a problem. I've been doing this for years and the only health problem I get in my show tanks is old age. I'd be very cautious about...
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    Nematodes and Blue Rams

    As fishgeek said, Levamisole is for internal worms (Camallanus, etc.). If it's Camallanus your fish have, you'll see them protruding from your fishes' anus. Some internal nematodes will surface through the skin though. Levamisole works great but won't get external parasites at all (as far as I...
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    Can some one tell about shipping from US to Canda

    You're wrong about that. Feel free to contact Customs or Fisheries and Oceans - there are no restrictions on aquarium fish entering Canada. (Agriculture isn't even responsible for fish imports). I've contacted both several times. I live in an isolated northern town with no local fish store and...
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    Can some one tell about shipping from US to Canda

    Most recently I had fish shipped from the US to Canada by DHL - expensive but very fast (24 hours from Carolina to BC). In the past I've had them shipped here by regular overnight express USPS and FedEx, both of which took about 48 hours. As for shipping from Canada to the US, I have no idea -...
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    Can some one tell about shipping from US to Canda

    There are no restrictions on importing tropical aquarium fish into Canada, and no license is needed. The only exceptions are for fish that are meant to be released into ponds, used in outdoor aquaculture, or on the CITES list. The province of British Columbia also requires a license for koi and...
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    New to Apistos - Is 20 gal a happy tank size?

    I'm quite lucky to have decent water to work with where I live (north western Canada). As of yesterday, the water out of my tap is ~1.2 dKH (20ppm), 4.5 dGH (80ppm), and 7 pH. There's a bit of chlorine in it for half a day or so, but nothing else to worry about really. Anyway, I went ahead...
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    New to Apistos - Is 20 gal a happy tank size?

    Thanks andrew, that's basically what I wanted to hear :) When you say "slightly cooler temperatures" what exactly do you mean? As for breeding, I think I'd put them in a dedicated breeding tank if I were ever interested in raising fry. We'll see. Thanks again.